Luminescent Quantum Dot Material

      QD Luminescent material is inorganic semiconductor micro crystal particles with fluorescence characteristics and based on 1-20 nanometer scale.This kind of quantum dot can control electronic in a small three-dimensional space.When the excitation light illuminates,electrons will be excited to jump to a higher energy level.When the electron returns to the original lower energy […]


Electroluminescent Phosphor ( EL ) is a inorganic material that converts electric energy to lights directly, being widely applied to EL glass panel, enamel panel, plastic panel , EL wire , DC and AC EL lighting instruments . its main glowing color include Blue, Green, Orange, and their transition color. As now main EL panel […]


Up-conversion Phosphor is a luminescent material that converts different invisible infrared light into visible light. Making full use of technology advantage of Chinese Academy of Sciences, KPT is the first company in China that develop this product, the quality has achieved the leading level of the world. it has characteristic of sensitive response, rich glowing […]

Transparent Elastic Conductive Film

The elastic luminescent material is made up of inorganic luminescent micro crystalline powder. The luminescence of elastic luminescent materials is mainly due to the electret effect of micro crystalline luminescent materials. Of course, micro crystalline luminescent materials can produce instantaneous visible radiation when it has elastic deformation or plastic deformation which can not be resumed. […]


By converting kinds of invisible near infrared wavelength beam into visible light, IR Laser Test Card is able to detect, track, proofread and identify infrared beam efficiently from various kinds of semiconductor lasers, YAG large laser, IR LED etc. and also been applied in fields of optical fiber communication and medical inspection etc. It’s a […]