Graphene flexible electrothermal heating film

Structure: The graphene film is composed of an organic carrier and a graphene composite multi-component film, and is packaged using a high temperature resistant polyurethane film.
Size: adjustable film thickness 5-30μm, package thickness of 0.1 mm and an area less than 0.5 m2, the shape can be customized.
Mechanical strength: good flexibility, arbitrary bending, folding, cutting, splicing; excellent surface adaptability: can be attached to complex mechanical surfaces; breaking strength >100MPa. Water resistance: graphene film hydrophobicity, waterproof after packaging.
Conductivity: low conductivity: 10 S/cm; high conductivity: 2 × 102 S/cm,
Thermal conductivity: 10-103 W/mK.
Heating module: adjusting the temperature and heating power by a voltage, can be customized according to the needs
3.7V, heat stable temperature 38 ° C
5.0V, heat stable temperature 45°C
8.0V, heat stable temperature 70°C
12.0V, heat stable temperature 100°C