By converting kinds of invisible near infrared wavelength beam into visible light, IR Laser Test Card is able to detect, track, proofread and identify infrared beam efficiently from various kinds of semiconductor lasers, YAG large laser, IR LED etc. and also been applied in fields of optical fiber communication and medical inspection etc. It’s a kind of power, ceramic or glass agglomeration made up of up conversion phosphor with average particle size arranging from 0.4μm to 50μm. It has characteristics as sensitive response, rich glowing color, high concealing ability and reliability, easy test and long lifetime etc. It functions with 1mW of IR Laser sources, efficient excitation wavelength arrange mainly from 800nm to 10600nm.; Visible Emitting spectrum: Orange red 580-620nm, Blue 430-450nm, Green 530-560nm; Paper, plastic, glass, mental, and ceramic material test cards are available; Specifications, shape, color etc. can be made according to customers’ requirements.
Model Color Excitation  wavelength at peak (μm) Excitation Frequency(nm) Absorbtion UV  3650 Excitation Wavelength Spectrum(μm)
HT660 Red 0.8-1.3 630 red 0.7-2.0
HT612 Red 1.0-1.3  630 Red 0.8-1.6
HT582  Orange 0.80-1.3 585 Orange 0.7-1.4
HT520 green 0.80-1.3 520 green 0.7-1.8
HT510 green 0.80-1.3 510 Weakness green 0.7-1.4
HT513 Green 0.9-1.06 520 Green 0.80-1.3
HT412 Green-blue 0.90-1.06 490 Green-blue 0.80-1.3
HT320 blue 0.90-1.06 470 Blue 0.80-1.3
HT111 Green 0.98 520 0.80-1.06
HT112 Blue 0.98 470 —- 0.94-1.06
HT113 Red 0.98 610 —– 0.94-1.06
HT900 Red 0.98 610 —- 1.5 or 0.98
HT800 Green 0.98 510 Green 0.8-10.6
HT815 Black 3-5 Blue-green —– 1-10
HT700 Red 0.98 630 Red 0.8-2.0