QD Luminescent material is inorganic semiconductor micro crystal particles with fluorescence characteristics and based on 1-20 nanometer scale.This kind of quantum dot can control electronic in a small three-dimensional space.When the excitation light illuminates,electrons will be excited to jump to a higher energy level.When the electron returns to the original lower energy level,it will emit a beam of certain wavelength and color.It will produce fluorescence properties.Different materials and particle size can produce red / Blue / green and other colors fluorescence.
      Our company now has the sulfide,selenide,telluride and carbon series peninsula quantum dots(Ⅱ-Ⅵ).We can provide liquid and solid material.Main application:LED lighting, LCD display, fluorescent anti fake, biological marker, ultra-thin electronic luminescence, solar cells, plant growth, etc..
      Our company is now available in in bulk, stable, low-cost supply of various types of fluorescent quantum dots.And we can customize according to your requirements.

 No Color emis excit composition Size
QD490 B 490nm 200-450nm ZnCuInS 1-10nm
QD560 G 562nm 200-530nm CdSe 1-10nm
QD580 G-Y 580nm 200-550nm CdSe 1-10nm
QD590 Y 596nm 200-400nm CdSe 1-10nm
QD630 O 630nm 200-500nm CdTe 1-10nm
QD670 R 673nm 200-600nm CdTe 1-10nm
QD1300 IR 1300nm 300-1200nm PbS 1-20nm
QDC540 G-Y 540nm 200-500nm C 1-20nm