Transparent elastic conductive film

Applications: Flexible displays, organic lightweight batteries, microelectronics, electrochromic displays, electromagnetic shielding, bio-simulation, sensors, actuators, etc. have great application prospects. It will play a more important role in the fields of chemical mimicry neural network, bio-recognition membrane, electrical stimulation drug release, nerve repair, electrochemical energy storage, adsorption and catalysis.
Product features: Transparent elastic conductive film has a conjugated main chain, showing the electrical and optical properties of metal or semiconductor. Transparent elastic conductive film is a new material with broad application prospects, because it is both an organic conductor and inherits The unique three-dimensional network structure of the gel material and the resulting unique physicochemical properties such as large surface area, high porosity and structural controllability. The conductive polymer gel combines the advantages of each of the conductive polymer and the gel.

Technical data:


Customize,Can be cut



Elastic variable

40-100% (Different performance at different thicknesses)